Thursday, August 23, 2012

Up-Coming Schedule

John tours Canada for the month of September!

Form more information on each of these courses please click the date of each course. For a list of John's full schedule please click here.

Sept 7th - 9th
Finding Health 2: Applied Consciousness: Ashdale, NS

Sept 10th - 11th
Founders Treatment Intensive: Ashdale, NS

Sept 14th - 17th
PaRama BodyTalk Unit 2 Practical: Saskatoon, SK

Sept 17th
BodyTalk Public Presentation: Saskatoon, SK

Sept 19th - 20th
Founders Treatment Intensive: Saskatoon, SK

Sept 21st - 23rd
Finding Health 2: Applied Consciousness: Saskatoon, SK

Sept 25th - 26th
Founders Treatment Intensive: Calgary, AB

Sept 28th - 30th 
Finding Health 2: Applied Consciousness: Calgary, AB

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