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The Holographic Mind

This article is based on presentations made by Dr. Francisco Di Biasi and Dr. Richard Amoroso. Dr. Di Biasi’s presentation was called “The Quantum–Informational Holographic Model of Consciousness” and Dr. Amoroso’s presentation was on the separation of Mind and brain.

I have met these men at two quantum health conferences in Brazil where we were all presenters. Although I only got to speak to Dr Di Biasi briefly on each occasion, my participation in group conversations with him inspired me to examine his work more thoroughly and ponder the way his theories can apply to a deeper understanding of the different ways the holographic universe model can be utilized in the advanced levels of BodyTalk.

I had the pleasure of having several long conversations with Richard during which he was able to help me to a much deeper understanding of the physics behind BodyTalk and the nature of the concepts I am covering in this article.

Many the concepts in this article are covered from a different angle in my “Finding Health Course”, but I felt inspired to elaborate more on this work and that of a few other scientists, because I think it makes a major contribution to the understanding of quantum health care, which is the basis of advanced BodyTalk. I have to warn you that the subject matter is pretty heavy-duty, but if you bear with me, it should be well worth your while.

Francisco Di Biasi: Francisco Di Biasi, MD, neuroscientist, is recognized as the only Grand Ph.D. of South America Awarded the Medal of Science and Peace, Albert Schweitzer, a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, is author of several books, including “The Consciousness Revolution”, which was organized in partnership with Richard Amoroso. His combined knowledge of Medicine, Quantum physics, and transpersonal Psychology has contributed enormously to a new paradigm for health.

Richard Amoroso: Theoretical physicist, Acupuncturist, Psychologist, Astrophysist, Computer Scientist, Philosopher, Noeticist; Director – Noetic Advanced Studies Institute, California, USA; Director - Quantum Computing Research Laboratory, Veszprem University, Hungary; 2010 Recipient of the prestigious Telesio-Galilei Gold Medal; Lifetime honorary member, Romanian Academy of Science, Author or over 30 books, 200 academic papers and chapters in five languages; Listed in Marquis Who’s Who in Medicine; Holder of 4 US Patents on Quantum Computing and related Medical Technologies.

The Overview – “Quantum-Informational Holographic Model of the Universe”

The first premise of this model is that the brain and mind are separate functions. The term “mind” can also include the concept of a localized specific aspect of consciousness or even the term Dr. Di Biasi prefers to use, “spirit”. The following slide is from Dr. Amoroso’s presentation showing microtubule events influenced by gravitational pulls of the activity of mind.

The connection between mind and brain happens by means of quantum micro–sites that are collections of nerve dendrites called dendrons.  These dendrons couple, possibly by means of gravitational forces caused by activity of the mind, to psychons  [a hypothetical term given to a unit of nerve energy].

In the bigger scheme of things consciousness is seen as having a dynamic aspect concerned with interconnecting holonomic informational quantum brain dynamics [QBD], with the quantum informational holographic nature of the universe. This dynamic aspect of consciousness can be viewed as a holoinformational flux.  This denotes a totally expanded worldview incorporating all information, which is often referred to simply as universal consciousness.

The term “quantum informational holographic nature of the universe” refers to the big picture that I’ve called universal consciousness. Whereas, when we are talking about the mind-brain interface, we are talking about the “holoinformational flux.” This holoinformational flux is self-organizing and generated by the holographic function of neural information.

Both Dr. Di Biasi and Dr. Amoroso agree that this self-organizing holographic neural function can be optimized through practices that encourage clearer and better-defined states of consciousness such as meditation, prayer, and other higher consciousness spiritual practices.  By utilizing these practices they consider it will result in harmonic states that will improve the quantum potential of the individual.

Brain mapping studies on people experiencing these harmonic states have shown a highly synchronized and exceptionally well ordered spectral array of brain waves. The results of this phenomenon demonstrates very unique harmonic patterns setting up what appears to be a harmonic symphony orchestrated in the connectome[i] of the brain.

This exceptional coherent brain state will then generate a non-local holographic informational field of consciousness interconnecting the cortical field of the human brain and the holographic cosmos [universal consciousness]. Simply speaking, people experiencing this level of consciousness will be tapping into universal consciousness during an exceptional intuitive understanding of all aspects of manifestation. The only limitations will be the knowledge filters necessary to interpret that understanding.

This model helps unite the ancient philosophical traditions of higher consciousness and the modern findings of neurophysiology by connecting consciousness -- mind -- brain. The neural circuits of the brain orchestrate holonomic quantum information, which interface dynamically with universal consciousness, which shares the same properties.  This establishes a concrete relationship of interconnectedness between consciousness and the brain. Further, the quantum nature of this relationship also means that it is nonlocal -- hence cosmic. This means that a well-trained brain has the potential to experience what Dr. D Biasi terms a holoinformational cosmovision[ii] brain. This also means that the concept of a localized holoinformational flux now has the potential to become and instantaneous universal non-local holoinformational flux.  Simply put, the science here says that there is no reason why the human mind/brain, if conditioned through meditation and spiritual practices, can’t experience universal consciousness.

Practical Application

Before we explore this concept further we should look at some of the practical applications of what has been said so far. In BodyTalk, we are very mindful that the intuitive process is the key process that not only tells us what needs to be done in any therapeutic session, but will also activate the appropriate formulas required for the patient and implement them as therapeutic change. The theory behind this concept will be covered in my online course called “The Philosophy and Science of Intuition.”

In this case the term “intuition” refers to that aspect of consciousness referred to in this current article as “instantaneous universal nonlocal holoinformational flux.” I think I prefer the term “intuition”!

BodyTalk practitioners are constantly encouraged to improve their ability to go into what we would call the “zone.” This infers the level of consciousness where our mind/brain complex is operating in an increasingly better harmonic. The deeper we go into the zone, the more powerfully we experience the phenomena described above that enables us to tap into universal consciousness at deeper and deeper levels to allow facilitation of the healing process.

This work by Dr. Di Biasi is saying to us that if, as conscientious practitioners, we continue to practice disciplines such as MindScape, meditation, BreakThrough, and other consciousness raising techniques, we will indeed eventually end up with a “universal nonlocal holoinformational” understanding of our patients, and life itself.

Karl Pribram’s Holographic System

Karl H. Pribram is a professor at Georgetown University, in the United States, and an emeritus professor of psychology and psychiatry at Stanford University and Radford University. Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHpTYs6GJhQ

In a holographic system, the information about the whole system is distributed and contained in each and every part of the system. The whole is in the parts, and each part is in the whole.

The work of Karl Prigram on brain dynamics has shown that the cerebral cortex is a site of the holographic information process that he calls a “multiplex neural hologram.” He has demonstrated that the cortexes have local clusters of neurons that do not have long fibers extending from them. These neurons are not concerned with facilitating normal nerve impulses.

These local clusters build neural holograms by the interaction of the electromagnetic fields emitted by neurons in a way similar to the interaction of sound waves in a piano. When a pianist string is struck it generates a vibrational standing wave between the two ends of the string, thereby creating an interference pattern. Constructive interference of these sounds through the surrounding strings creates the harmony or harmonics that are the notes making up the music we listen to.

Pribram was able to demonstrate that a similar process is continuously occurring in the cerebral cortex as a result of the interaction of the electromagnetic fields of the adjacent cortical neuronal clusters, thereby generating a harmonic field. He further demonstrated that these harmonic electromagnetic fields are distributed in the cerebral cortex and holographic pattern stores and encodes huge amounts of information responsible for the maintenance of memory and consciousness.

I should point out that the music is not in the piano but in the resonating field that surrounds it. In the same way our memories and consciousness [mind] are not in the brain, but in the holographic informational field that surrounds it.

This new holographic paradigm gives us a revolutionary way of thinking about the whole process of memory, mind, and consciousness that is consistent with the theoretical basis behind The BodyTalk SystemTM.

The Holographic World View

The current research shows the existence of Quantum Brain Dynamics in neural microtubules, and in the synapses and molecular organization of cerebrospinal fluid. This Quantum Brain Dynamics can generate Bose-Einstein condensates combined with the Fröhlich Effect. 
Bose-Einstein condensates consist of atomic particles, (or in the case of the Fröhlich Effect, biological molecules), that demonstrate a high level of coherent alignment, functioning as a highly ordered and unified informational state. These quantum dynamics demonstrate that the interaction process between dendrons and psychons are not limited to the localized synaptic cleft, but a much wider impact throughout the whole brain. This holographic and highly ordered set of harmonics can then interphase universally according to the degree of development of each brain.
The interconnectedness between a developed brain and cosmos is an instantaneous non-local connection to the concept of a holoinformational flux, from which both mind and matter are informed -- the universal consciousness.
In this way, quantum holographic brain dynamic patterns are an active part of the universal quantum-holographic informational field. This will then lead to the generation of an informational field interconnection that is simultaneously nonlocal (quantum-holistic) and local (Newtonian-mechanistic), i.e. holoinformational.
When considering the mathematical properties of holographic systems in which the information of the whole system is distributed in each part of the system, Dr. Di Biasi proposes that this universal interconnectedness could permit access to all the information codified in the wave interference patterns existing in all the universe since its origin. This is in keeping with the scientifically accepted concept that no information is ever destroyed.
The quantum-holo-informational nature of the universe interconnects each and every “localized” brain-consciousness with all this universal information stored in the holographic patterns in an indivisible and irreducible informational cosmic unity. Hence the famous saying from all the religions and philosophies: "as above so below" (Alchemy); "all that is outside is inside" (Upanishads); "the father is inside us" and "as in the earth so in the heavens" (Christianity).
This universal interconnectedness could be perfectly understood as a Cosmic Holographic Consciousness – commonly called Universal Consciousness. One may also prefer to see it as the “intelligence” behind the concept of “intelligent design.” This would also supply the “observer” for the “observed” holographic universe that is so important as a basis of quantum physics. Otherwise we have the problem of explaining how millions of years on nonliving matter can exist without the presence of an observer.
Universal Consciousness in this interpretation, is the holoinformational flux that permits the interaction of the holonomic informational Quantum Brain Dynamics -- that can be considered as extended dendrons -- with the quantum-holographic nature of the universe, that can be viewed as an extended cosmic psychon.
Brain is material; communication is mind. We can develop highly harmonic synchronized brain/mind states through practices of deep meditation, prayer, MindScape, and other states of higher consciousness designed to elevate the coherence of mind function. This will expand our universal interconnectedness by synchronizing the functioning of the cerebral hemispheres and mind leading to a coherent brain/mind state that optimizes the holographic treatment of neuronal information.
In Dr. Di Biasi's concept, this highly harmonic synchronized state generates a nonlocal holographic informational cortical field, creating a holoinformational flux of consciousness interconnecting the human mind with the Holographic Cosmic Consciousness.
In BodyTalk terms – it connects the Mind to the Supramental Intellect thereby facilitating total utilization of intuition to access universal intelligence to the level our knowledge and training allows for interpretation.

[i] See my article on The Connectome in my blog
[ii] An expanded world view

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