Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Simple Application of MindScape

There will be times when the patient's treatment needs to be layered and sequential. You may need to run a formula covering superficial problems that will then, once resolved, reveal underlying issues that need to be addressed. This original formula is therefore a clarification leading to exposing the key changes that need to be made at the deeper levels.
One approach is to allow this formula to run and bring about changes over a day or so, and then bring the patient back to look at the second deeper stage of pathology that needs addressing. This can have weaknesses, because in the intervening time the stressful factors can once again confuse the clarity of the deeper picture that needs to be addressed.
In this case the use of accelerated time can be very useful. This can be done using Finding Health 2 applications. However, those practitioners who have developed the ability to use MindScape also have a great tool for doing this.
Your MindScape workshop enables this to happen because we are well aware that we can do 20 min. of activity within a workshop even though in the “external” time, according to the watch on our wrist, only two minutes have passed.
The MindScape technique is to bring the patient on the table in front of you into your workshop, and run your initial program for 20 to 30 min. of “MindScape” time. From the perspective of the patient on the table only a few minutes will have elapsed. The changes in the body will be significant.
This then gives you the opportunity to immediately reassess the balances in the patient and formulate the next appropriate treatment routine that will work at the appropriate deeper level.
This and other great applications for BodyTalk are taught in the Advanced MindScape courses.

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