Thursday, April 11, 2013

Access and Africa

Some news from South Africa from Morag Bromfield!

The two projects which we have running at the moment involve a remedial school in Durban where a group of three CBPs, Sue Parnell (who has a son at the school) Jenny Davies and Zelda Bronzin are going into the school daily at the beginning of class, and are teaching the students how to tap out cortices. Once they are happy with how the children are doing the technique, the teachers will encourage them to do this a few times a day and will give us their feedback. 

The second project involves the University where the students involved in Nutritional studies and Homeopathy have asked to be taught Access to enable them to support their clients who have a headache or joint pains, etc and are unable to do this with nutrition and homeopathy alone. There are also a small group of nurses who have been encouraged to attend as well. The University would collect the data and track changes from the clients and give feedback to us. The clients are from a low-cost housing estate and have agreed to have BT daily. I will have more to report once this gets off the ground!

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