Monday, June 3, 2013

Impossible Possibilities

After many years of problems with my left ovary my body finally did the right thing and killed it! Put it out of its misery! It had many cysts that ruptured, too many to even count, and one that was the size of a grapefruit and I hemorrhaged into it. I spent many days agonizing in pain in bed and several trips to the hospital and into surgery. When doctors couldn’t find that ovary, I thought Halleluiah! The doctors searched with several ultrasounds over the course of several months trying to figure out where it went. They requisitioned surgical records and determined it had been removed. It was completely gone, which I was fine with, until I saw my hematologist.
I have high platelets, due to a genetic disorder and my hematologist explained that because I was young, not menopausal, the risk of a stroke is minimal. “The best we can hope for is that western medicine will have a good solution for you once menopause sets in.” my hematologist tells me. However, I am starting to wonder about how solid this plan is? I am certain he is not talking with my gynecologist or my general physician, nor did he do any blood work on my hormone levels, so how does he know this is a good plan? Does he even know I am short one ovary?
Over time my mind is consumed again with this ovary, this time from a different perspective. Every time I had any symptoms that could be related to menopause (or several other things!) I thought about the missing ovary and how this was all going to affect my risk of a stroke. I hear John’s voice saying “It’s a dynamic interactive system” and I am learning this first hand. When one thing compensates, it really does affect everything else. So what am I going to do? My faith in the Western Medical System is declining rapidly; although I do believe it is responsible health care not to abandon that side of things all together. I pursue BodyTalk more vigilantly with a focus on this ovary that has gone MIA.
By the time I am in PaRama Unit 2 with John, I have already done quite a bit of work on this ovary. BreakThrough Steps that helped me to recognize the masculine/feminine imbalances and belief systems that perhaps had a helping hand in the total destruction of one of the most feminine pieces of my bodymind. FreeFall classes that taught me to breath into my pelvis, enriching the energy and life into a piece of me that was virtually dead. The opening of the heart and renewed circulation within the entire bodymind is the incredibly powerful healing that occurs only in this way within the FreeFall class. Structural Integration assisted on releasing fascia and aligning the structural integrity of my body to feel energy flow through every cell like I have never felt before. Several BodyTalk Sessions and a lot of MindScape work all set the stage for what was able to occur in the PaRama Unit 2 class.
As I am called up to be a demo session I am curious which PU2 technique will come up and what possibly could happen to this ovary that is making a subtle appearance now. The ovary at this point is very atrophied, but now visible. The Finding Health 2 technique is what comes up and it all becomes a bit of blur from here. I remember following my breath and then I feel bubbling and popping where my ovary is. The best I can describe is a bubble blower pipe that you blow into and there becomes a cluster of bubbles forming. This is what my ovary was doing! At this point I remember looking in John’s eyes and he is telling me that the cells were replicating themselves and the ovary was growing. I now had a healthy new ovary!
When I got off the table I could feel my entire pelvis shift to make room again for its lost resident. I bent over and it was so amazing, the awareness I had for this ovary. Part of what John told me was that I would be presented with situations in my life that would allow me to explore how this ovary disappeared in the first place…. Let me tell you, I have had several opportunities to explore! I can even feel it ovulate now, something I don’t ever remember feeling on the left side.
I am so blessed to have found this amazing system. There is not a day that goes by without appreciating for our amazing body’s ability to heal from within and to John and Esther for their strength to pursue their own healing journey so they can shine the light for the rest of us in our healing. I recall hearing somewhere that you cannot lead a client to a place where you have not been to yourself. I feel in clinic we get to see miracles happen every day and that day, in class, I physically felt one of my miracle as my ovary returned. 

Thank you John for being open to the impossible possibilities and holding the space for that to occur within me. I am truly inspired to continue learning, exploring and healing…. I truly believe impossible things are now possibilities, gifts of wisdom and healing to cherish ♥

Sherry Gilbert 

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