Wednesday, March 19, 2014

PaRama Study Group Intensive Retreat

Today’s blog is about one my favorite topics: the healing nature of conflict.  You are probably familiar with Tim Hall who has written another article for us today.  As you know, The BodyTalk System is about WholeHealthcare more than it is a system that cares only about health.  Health without wisdom is baseless and empty.  Through conflict comes wisdom. 

I am very excited for the upcoming BodyEcology course.  Scientific discoveries such as the Microbiome reveal aspects of physiology that has always been at work, but until now it has been without our understanding of how to take advantage of this information. In a similar way, conflict has always been part of human life, but without having the understanding of its healing nature. 

PaRama BodyTalk in particular is designed to provide a systematic method for establishing wisdom thru the healing nature of conflict.  To this end, Tim will be hosting the 4th PaRama Study Group Intensive Retreat in Scottsdale AZ this coming Memorial Day weekend.  Tim was one of the 1st ten PaRama designated CBPs and has dedicated himself to this study.  I encourage any PaRama member to attend his weekend group and will try to attend it myself next year. 

For details, contact Tim Hall 


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