Thursday, September 20, 2012

Heart Surgeon with a Heart

I had a wonderful set of experiences on my visit to Brazil earlier this year. It started out when a friend of mine asked me to treat her maid’s 9-year-old son with BodyTalk. He was small for his age and weak, because he had quite a severe hole in the heart. His doctors had reluctantly decided that they may have to operate to try and fix the problem as the boy was in great distress. They had booked him in for extensive scans to determine if, and what type, of operation they should do.
I saw him two days before he was due to go in for the scan. I was really thrilled to see that innate directed me to use the FH2 technique on him. When I placed my hand on his chest it was like his whole body shook to every heartbeat and you could literally feel the rumbling and turmoil of the blood passing between the two sides of his heart through the hole. Over the next few minutes I could feel everything just settling down, and the symptoms reduced by about 80%. The boy gave me the most wonderful smile as he placed his hand on top of mine. We could not communicate verbally, but we certainly communicated with our hearts. I realized the treatment wasn't fully completed because there is a certain adaption to take place with the body.
I treated him again the next day and felt that the heart was 95% better. He was due to have the scan the next day. The following evening I was told a remarkable story by the mother through Renata acting as my interpreter. Apparently, after the scan was finished the doctor told her that the machine they used was obviously faulty and they now required him to go to a different hospital the next day in order to be scanned by a new machine they know to be working fine.
The next day the boy was scanned on the new machine with the same result as the machine before. There was no evidence of a hole in the heart! The doctor just could not understand it, and listened intently as the mother described the treatment I had given the boy. Normally, my experience is that a situation like that leads the Doctor to simply put it out of his mind as some unexplainable phenomena.
The following week I was in the south of Brazil in Gramada attending the quantum health conference for which I was one of the speakers. I was also asked to do a three hour evening workshop to explain to BodyTalk more completely. I had a very good enrollment for the lecture and the questions were very enthusiastic.
At the end of the lecture two people who had asked many questions came up to me to speak to me in person. They explained that they were heart surgeons and worked at the same clinic as the surgeon who is looking after the boy with the hole in the heart. Apparently, he had shared his experience with them and lamented the fact that he could not come to hear me speak in Gramada.
The surgeons decided that they would come on short notice to attend this lecture because they take results like that very seriously, and really want to understand how that happened. They told me that they were now going to study all the courses of BodyTalk and will be in touch with me on one of my future trips. They were such nice people, so open, so loving, and I know for sure who I would go to if ever I needed heart surgery. They were truly heart surgeons with big hearts!

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