Friday, September 7, 2012

Hey! Don't Knock the Fundamentals

Several instructors have commented that with all the new developments in BodyTalk, the Fundamentals course seems to have lost its importance and luster. People seem to think that in order to do marvelous things they have to have all the advanced courses. I realize that I have probably contributed to this mentality because of the enthusiasm with which I talk about the new work. So at this time I'd like to revisit the Fundamentals course.
Remember that the Fundamentals course is what put BodyTalk on the map with its results. It is so complete and effective in its own right that people have had very successful practices just using the Fundamentals. At this stage we are discouraging people from practicing professionally with the Fundamentals until they have at least passed their CBP exams. This is reasonable because we need to make sure that people have learned the course properly.
However, we should remember that once people have done the Fundamentals course they will have a very effective tool to address health challenges for their friends, and family, as well as themselves. The results they get, combined with the attraction of the other modules, will hopefully entice them to continue to improve their knowledge of BodyTalk.
Recently, I have had several CBP's asked me how it was they got such remarkable results with just the Fundamentals. Surely they cannot expect these types results unless they have advanced training? This is simply not the case. Throughout the history of BodyTalk some of the most incredible results have occurred within a week of the practitioner taking the Fundamentals course.
Sometimes we get caught up in the concepts of epigenetic disease being so serious and hear about the marvelous work we can do with the PaRama level techniques. We then tend to think that without that advanced level we can't help people with genetic diseases. This is not true. We must remember that virtually any major health conflict that lasts more than a few days has an epigenetic factor behind it. Epigenetic diseases don't just suddenly happen. There is an accumulation of epigenetic methyl markers throughout our lifetime, which are attaching to the DNA and influencing the function of the cells. This progressive accumulation of markers will give progressive symptoms that can be quite severe. Eventually, if enough markets accumulate, more serious diseases will start manifesting.
All the techniques taught in the Fundamentals course can have a profound effect upon the etiology of any of those markers. For example, a common cause of markers is an active memory. If you address the active memory issue of the patient, then it is very likely you will have addressed the etiology of one or more of the markers, and the body will dissolve the marker in a process called demethylization. This can then bring about profound changes as seen in the results of so many treatments using the Fundamentals techniques. This can also put an epigenetic disorder into remission.
The advanced techniques give us more tools to work with the more serious, or complex conditions, and can usually facilitate faster healing in certain cases.
So please don't buy into the concept that you are “only” a CBP. Remember that as a CBP you have one of the best healthcare systems in modern times just a few taps away!

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