Thursday, October 25, 2012


Rams who knows this…

You will never have enough. 
There is not enough to be had.
Your satisfaction, 
However sweet, 
Is always temporary. 
And when it goes 
It leaves behind a void 
That screams to be filled.
So you go again in search 
Of completeness, 
Of fullness 
Off peace, 
Of happiness. 
But you know only to look 
For satisfaction.
A blind man in search of the sky.
You clever ones will see 
It to be a problem with 
A simple solution.
You strip yourself of worldly goods 
Run about naked 
Living off the labor of the crass souls 
Still bound to the yoke of desire.
Pity it doesn’t work. 
It looks so good on paper. 
But always in the deep, 
Dark recesses of your soul 
Lurks a tickle of noble want…
To be one with God.
It might just as well be a Rolls-Royce.
Fools, don’t despair. 
For you there is always hope.
From “NO WAY” for the Spiritually “Advanced” 
By RAM TZU (ISBN 0-929448-13-8)

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