Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Formative Years

Recorded by Felix Schembri in Wiggensbach/Germany in the IBA office in Europe


  1. No wonder I've been so messed up! I praise God for bringing BodyTalk into my life. I am especially grateful for the session that Dr. Veltheim gave me in May of this year which finally healed my brain from all of the shingle damage 6 years ago. I am pleased and honored to be a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner helping others as others have helped me to get well.

  2. Thank you Dr. John! I find fetal life work as a huge part of my BodyTalk practice. As a Psychotherapist, Energy Psychologist, I truly find that BodyTalk gets to these negative and damaging fetal life "imprints" more thoroughly than any work I have ever done.

    Your work is lifesaving for many of my clients who have suffered for many years until traumas, behavior patterns and limiting beliefs were neutralized giving them happier and more creative minds, decrease in allergies,far less body pain and a sense of belonging in their lives. Thank you again for your great research.