Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Screen of Time
Many scientists have confessed that the answer to a problem which made them famous came to them from out of the blue, ‘from outside’, as Einstein said about the equation E = mc2. A similar breakthrough has to happen to a spiritual seeker who knows he has the total intellectual understanding of a crucial concept, but is equally certain that it has not become total. What is ‘beyond’, out of the blue, the ‘outside’? Undoubtedly, it is a further dimension screened from us by our self-made concept of ‘time’. A phenomenon is something that occurs in three- dimensional space interpreted with the fourth dimension seen serially as time: Reality is motionless, ubiquitous, permanent. The fourth dimension when seen by us serially as time, as opposed to its total aspect which is eternity, produces the illusion of manifestation – maya. What seems to us to be serial – cause and effect – is really in eternity fixed and permanent. What is seen as a movie, frame by frame, is actually a film already produced, and already in the can. A stone thrown at a ceiling fan will pass between the blades if the fan is not working, or  horizontal time. In the former, it is the working mind functioning; in the latter it is the thinking mind.

Taken From:
Balsekar, Ramesh (2013-03-14). The One in the Mirror (Kindle Locations 309-310). Yogi Impressions Books Pvt. Ltd.. Kindle Edition.

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