Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Earth is Flat - Tim Hall

Greek philosophers began to teach that the world was round a few centuries B.C., but many people still held to the idea of a flat Earth even as late as the 1800s (in fact, some findings suggest that the Earth is a rounded tetrahedron rather than a sphere). Space and time are still considered independent constants by most people and it may take centuries for the majority to understand their inter-relatability. Similarly, many people treat the body separate to the mind and the vast majority completely dismiss the state of absolute consciousness even though it is essential to well-being and fundamental to health and success.

In some ways, modern society's view of health care is as cutting edge as the Earth is flat.
Over a hundred years ago Albert Einstein's peer Hermann Minkowski coined the term "Spacetime" and had this to say, "The views of space and time which I wish to lay before you have sprung from the soil of experimental physics, and therein lies their strength. They are radical. Henceforth space by itself, and time by itself, are doomed to fade away into mere shadows, and only a kind of union of the two will preserve an independent reality."
When space and time are taken separately they are like shadows of Spacetime. They seem to have a life of their own but they are dependent on the fundamental and integrated Spacetime continuum. The theory of relativity gave rise to this subsequent understanding that space and time are a continuum where neither aspect can be distinguished from the other except by arbitrary division. This understanding (whether ultimately right or wrong) completely changed the world of physics and has led to the rapid development of modern advanced technology.
If a person were to measure their physical fitness one day and then again a week later, it would do little good to be well rested and in a good mood the first day, and then to be sick, tired and hungry a week later. When taking a measurement or making diagnosis, the part under consideration is evaluated against a more fundamental constant to provide the proper context, give meaning and set a solid platform upon which to make a real shift.
Our state of health could be measured in either just mental, emotional or physical terms, but this is like using old school physics to build a quantum computer. Space and time are a continuum just as we say that the mind and body are a connection. We can arbitrarily separate the mind and body as we can space and time, but when that occurs, the reference point is lost and we are dealing with mere shadows of our real self.
When the mind-body connection is understood as is the space-time continuum, it can radically shift awareness of how to address health as how that occurred with technology. We all experience our mind and body changing as we do space and time, but we also always experience ourselves right here right now as a constant. This constant experience tends to go unnoticed similar to how a fish swimming in the water doesn't know that it is wet.
By getting in touch with this state of our consciousness that is absolute, it sets that foundation from which to properly measure and evaluate life & death, health & disease, solitude & relationships, mind & body and so forth. This state of well-being is unaffected by whatever happens be it good or bad. In the absence of bad, we might believe it would have to be good but good doesn't affect it either. Similarly, our location of being 'here' is unaffected by wherever we go. Also, no matter what we ponder, remember or predict, we can only do all of that in this present moment. Our here and now and wellness is more fundamental to our time, place and circumstance.
Rather than only having wellness when things are going good, wellness can be our position that is never lost under any condition. It tempers the extremes by always being what it is which assuages fears of being lost, imbalanced, confused, fighting ourselves and being compared and judged by others. If time, space, the mind and body are shadows, then this is the light that casts those shadows.
This shift from darkness to light is as radical of a shift as it is from believing the world must be flat. This is not just about an improvement in health; it is about imperturbable Well-Being in a state of Absolute Bliss Consciousness.
For more information continue surfing the web and reading blogs. For the experience, get on the pathless path and find a BodyTalk practitioner to facilitate the way.
Tim Hall


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