Thursday, August 23, 2012

Brazilian Congress

Less then one year ago, Juliana Lara Resende, who is a BodyTalk Access Trainer in Brazil’s capital, Brasilia, accepted a job as a psychologist working in the Legislator’s House health care program. It appears that the Brazilian government has its own healthcare set up for members of Congress and their families, as well as all the support staff and their families. This health care program, as part of the National Congress policies and practices, participates in setting the standards in healthcare in Brazil. Once new ideas have been accepted, and proven to be effective in the parliament’s healthcare scheme, it is then likely to be considered for implementation in any other government and hospital institution nationwide.

Juliana seized the opportunity to educate the congressmen and their advisors and support staff about BodyTalk. At this stage there are several of her colleagues who have trained in BodyTalk Access, or received treatment from her. The government decided they needed to look at integrative medicine as part of their future plans in healthcare. They decided to invite a series of international experts in integrative medicine to present to congressional members, support staff, and the administration of the healthcare program.

Juliana made sure that BodyTalk was on the agenda, and convinced the medical department and all the other areas involved in health care and quality of life that I should be the first person to give a presentation. A great deal of work went into the promotion of this, which included convincing members of the Brazilian government to attend. It could not have worked out better. The lecture theater they used, one of the largest in the Brazilian National Congress building, was completely filled, with standing room only at the back. For those who could not get into the lecture, and those who were unable to attend, the lecture will be broadcast on the legislator’s house television channel so that people can watch it. When all the other lectures are presented over the next few months, the health care program – Pró-Saúde – will be making a video combining all the different ideas presented, and distribute it to all their beneficiaries – which includes most of the congressmen in Brazil.

The lecture was very well received, and Juliana has reported great enthusiasm from the people she works with. A current designated committee for writing the policy on health and quality of life at work (of which Juliana is part of) has already included complimentary medicine in the form of alternative health care.  After my talk I met with the head of the health care program Pró-Saúde, Mr. Ricardo Kowalski, who expressed similar enthusiasm and assured me that he will be actively investigating the utilization of BodyTalk in the their healthcare’s system. The next step is making sure BodyTalk has legal validation to be practiced in hospitals in general, and ensure only qualified people can practice BodyTalk.

The whole evening was such fun - they even enjoyed my jokes -  or at least the ones that Juliana decided to translate! I managed to teach them all to tap out their cortices. Learn to tap out your cortices by clicking here.

Photography courtesy of Anibal Herrera. 


  1. That was great when I was in Brazil last March i really enjoy the legislator’s house television channel becouse that oppeness to see the debate in free satelital Tv all over the country.
    I trust that the eart and culture off Brazil will open new ways off living in the history off human kid and fell an internal call to live in there sometime in the near future.
    bless the Brazilian brothers and sister and bless you John.
    Giving thanks

  2. Congratulations! Brasil deserves an improvement in their health system. Good news!