Thursday, August 23, 2012

Children's Hospital in Brasilia

On 10 August I had great pleasure in making a three-hour presentation at the hospital for children. Before the talk I was given a tour of the hospital and I was just so impressed by how modern and beautifully it was planned. In particular, how well it had been designed for children. It was sad seeing the children because this hospital only accepts patients by referral, and they are only referred for serious cancer cases, and serious blood diseases.

The hospital board and administration have been very progressive in looking at different ways to help the children and their families through such a heart-wrenching time. They have already allowed Reiki practitioners to volunteer their services in using Reiki to help ease the pain and suffering. They’ve also demonstrated openness to new ideas. Fortunately, we were lucky to have a medical doctor working at the hospital who is also a BodyTalk student. This is actually the second hospital in Brasília where Dr. Eliane Bittar has brought BodyTalk.   

Getting into the hospital for this talk was a joint effort of several people primarily organized by Juliana Lara Resende, a BodyTalk Access Trainer and PaRama BodyTalk practitioner in Brasília. I was asked to give a three-hour presentation in the afternoon and arrangements were made so that staff could attend as well as members of the hospital board of directors.

The talk and demonstration went very well and my discussions with the key people involved after the talk were very positive. I finally talked to Dr. José Carlos, who is the oncological pediatrician in charge of research projects.

In my conversations with him he assured me full hospital cooperation in allowing BodyTalk practitioners to come into the hospital and treat children. He also said that he would support an application to host a full BodyTalk research program at the hospital. This means that the research would be set up and controlled by the hospital, and it would be the hospital that presented it for peer review and publication.

During my visit I also met Mariângela de Paiva who is in charge of our BodyTalk program in the local Brasilia military hospital where she practices BodyTalk and is arranging for training of more BodyTalkers to help her out at the hospital.

It was so rewarding to see so much support from the local BodyTalk matrix in Brasilia and just how much progress they’ve made in such a short time.

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  1. I'm so happy that BT is expanding ,here in Brasil.Wonderful news and I am sharing it.
    Cecilia Motta/Teresópolis/RJ