Thursday, August 23, 2012

One Man's Ability to Heal

I have experienced my own remarkable healings with BodyTalk and so I have both reverence and respect for it, and, with each new healing experience, despite what my mind tries to tell me, sometimes, healing impossible to heal diseases is possible.
My 89 year old dad was diagnosed with colon cancer in October of 2011. I went with him to the doctor to get the results of the tests they had performed. The doctor told us that he had colon cancer and that they recommended operating to remove a portion of the colon, and, that they had booked a date for surgery for him. The doctor also told dad that he would live about a year if it spread which supported the recommendation to operate. I wanted him to have the surgery. He didn’t. He told the doctor he was busy on that day and couldn’t have the surgery then. He told the doctor he’d like to wait and have another colonoscopy down the road instead. Since dad is 89 the doctor didn’t argue with him, but did mention that wasn’t the usual protocol. Usually cancer gets treated when it’s diagnosed if the patient is healthy enough for it, and dad was.
As we walked out of the hospital he told me he was, in his words, ‘a naturalist’. To him that means that nature is perfect and what ever happens will take care of everything, and he didn’t want any medical intervention even if it meant dying. He said that if he was younger he might consider it. He thought surgery might makes matters worse at his age. He told me he wasn’t scared of dying but that living less than a full life concerned him some. He still works his own cattle and irrigates the land.
On the way out of the hospital, he asked me if I could do BodyTalk for him. Of course my answer was yes. But, I wondered if doing this work would give him false hope. This was cancer we were considering here. I told him I didn’t know if it would help or not, but it seems like he healed himself quickly with BodyTalk every time he had previously asked for a session to heal a minor ache or pain. A few years ago BodyTalk assisted him in healing gout.
I did two sessions with dad in my office and other practitioners and I did approximately eleven more sessions, with his permission, by distance.
Another biopsy was performed in May, 2012 and the doctor said the cancer was gone.
Thank you for pioneering this work, John. I realize that not every person will be able to heal themselves like he has, but in this case he did.
Warm regards from Brenda Miller, CBP

Thank you from Fred Mandeville

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  1. Hi John... I have met you once, and all I can say is that I love your work.
    You looked into my eyes for the whole duration of your speech... I need feedback on that. Please!
    May God bless.
    Elize le Roux