Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton

Author: “Punk Science” and “The Genius Groove”
Ever since I read Punk Science I was very eager to meet Dr. Samanta-Laughton. As you're probably aware I am always fascinated with being able to take complex scientific concepts and bring them down to simpler explanations and practical applications for use in healthcare. Her book was in excellent example of being able to do that, so I was fascinated to meet with this remarkable pioneer the 1st chance I got. It turns out that she knew of my work and was interested in meeting me as well.

My trip to England earlier this year provided us the opportunity. Our meeting was to serve two purposes. She wanted to interview me for her upcoming movie called “punk science” which is designed to explain and reinforce all the concepts from the book with the advantage of visual presentation. She has also interviewed many major players in progressive healthcare and science.
I was quite taken back by the carload of equipment she bought with her to make a professional job of the interview. Her assistant certainly knew what he is doing and we were soon underway. The idea was that she would interview me for 20 min. and that would eventually be edited down to a few minutes for the movie. It turns out she loved what I had to say and wanted to keep interviewing me and asked me many very searching, but very exciting questions, which bought out new information. The interview ended up lasting for 2 hours. Manjir assured me that I would still only be allocated a few minutes in her movie. However, she explained that she is establishing an online education section on her website where she is going to include the rest of the interviews that she did so that people didn't miss out on the information. My interview will also be linked to our BodyTalk website.
After the interview we went to dinner with her partner and enjoyed another 3 hours of conversation. I rarely enjoy a conversation as much as I enjoyed this one, because it seemed like our minds simply blended. Anything that each of us said, the other immediately identified with, and elaborated on. We both learned so much during the evening. I talked about the new developments in my Finding Health 2 course. In particular, the fact that I was getting spontaneous healing occurring under certain conditions, and working beyond the parameters of space and time. She then proceeded to explain the science of how and why that it would occur. Her explanation was an extension of the one I'm already giving but added new dimensions to the understanding. She pointed out that her next book would cover this subject in a lot of detail.
In the meantime, I'm integrating this new understanding into my current work on my next major workshop on the energy systems of the body. I told her that I would love for her to present her latest version of this aspect of quantum physics at a conference in Malta next year. Her reply was that she loved and supported my work and would love to come to the conference as the keynote speaker. She assured my that she would tailor her explanation to specifically verify the theories I am using in advanced BodyTalk. We have since confirmed the dates with her so she will be opening the conference.
You will love meeting her at the conference because she has such a vibrant personality and a total willingness to share information and to listen. I came away from my meeting with her very inspired to write the next workshop, as she had given me a much deeper understanding of the concepts I wanted to get across. We agreed to stay in touch and work together whenever we can. I hope to meet her whenever I go to England from now on.
I strongly suggest you read her books starting with Punk Science and visit her website.

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  1. Wow that's so awesome she's coming to Malta! Thank you both for all you do.