Thursday, January 24, 2013

Alberto Peribanez

Alberto Peribanez: Licensed Physician and Professor of Physiology of  Medicine's Course of UERJ and the University Estácio de Sá. Graduated in Medicine in 1985 from the University of Brasilia, with residence and title of Specialist in General Surgery and Masters and Doctorate in Microcirculation in the Research Institute of Surgery in Munich - Germany. Training in Nutraceuticals by Hospital pond - RJ (Prof. Dr. Celio Mendes) and the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center - Arizona USA - Live Feed ( (H) Sir Gabriel Cousens).  Coordinator of the Scientific project Functional Foods Workshop "Workshop of the Seed" and "course" Physiological Basis of Therapeutics Natural Food and Live. Coordinated Implementation of the Living Foods Program Primary Care Family Health Campos do Jordão / Federal University of São Paulo - UNIFESP / Paulista School of Medicine. Responsible for Food and Health Program - Municipality of Osasco - SP. Author of "Place of the Physician is in the Kitchen" (Ed Lute, 12th edition, 2010). Coordinator of  Teaching Clinic - assistencial  in Advanced Natural Therapies (Capão Bonito - SP). 

I first met Alberto last year at the quantum health conference and again at the conference in Granada earlier this year. I remember the first thing that impressed me most about him was how multilingual he was. It seemed he could speak any language fluently. I was then quite surprised when all the conference speakers were having a dinner at a major restaurant with a live band playing. Alberto got up an walked onto the stage and was handed a guitar. The band seemed to know him and was very excited that he intended to play with them. He then proceeded to sing and play guitar to the delight of everyone. It appears he is well-known as an accomplished musician and performer amongst his other many achievements. 
Alberto then came to dinner at Renata's place and followed up by attending my three-day intensive explanation of BodyTalk a month later. His questions and input during those three days was so very positive. It showed him to be a deep thinker about what it really means to be a doctor. He is very involved as a medical professor at the University and it was a delight to hear that he insists on training all the medical students extensively in diet and nutrition as well as a deeper understanding of alternative medicine and the energy basis of the human body.
I really look forward to my future associations with Alberto as I believe he has so much to offer the BodyTalk matrix from all the wisdom he has accumulated in his remarkable career.

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