Thursday, January 3, 2013

Open Heart

Hello John 

It's me, Kelley Burry, from Namaste Nova, NS Canada. You did a session for my heart in the last moments of Finding Health 2 in Florida.
The aftermath has been interesting........ 
For about 48 hours after, I experienced extreme pain in my chest and it felt like I had literally had open-heart surgery! I was even bruised! After this subsided I quickly began to feel wonderful in my physical and emotional body.  I am not swollen anymore nor do I feel heavy or congested or lethargic.  It seems incredible!  I have been experiencing a big change in my practice and what my sessions look like these days.  My focus is stronger, my MindScape is clearer, my intuition is quicker and I am more confident.  My daughter immediately noticed a huge energic shift on our farm retreat - she said it feels lighter and hopeful. 
Leo (one of my horses in the herd, you noticed that he was trying to help me with this issue in particular) is also changing daily!  At first I didn't think he was going to make it but I did exactly what you told me to do - tap his cortices a lot and tell him he does not have to carry this any more - it is done! He has waffled from severe colic in one moment to extreme joy and energy in the next, for weeks now! Leo is not out of the woods yet but we are paying close attention to him and allowing him to lead us through the process of whatever this is! 

It seems that my connection to the herd and to our land and all that is here is VERY heightened!!!! WHOA!! I feel like we are being supported on levels I can't even describe! 
There is more I seem to feel but do not have words to describe.

Thank-you for this new lease on life and this new experience! What a ride! 

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