Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Nut That Fell Too Far From The Tree

by Tim Hall

It was storming when this baby acorn fell from its home high upon the tree top. The wind carried it from its cluster of comfort to the cold wet ground far away from the trunk that so recently provided it with nourishment and growth. There were no adjacent nuts nor any wispering direction from the mother oak tree. What is this nut to do? 

All that it has known is to grow and add bulk to itself while refining the quality of the inner seed, though it knows not what the inner seed is for necessarily. It only has what little it knows, and it is now in the unknown. As the moisure sets in and the outer shell softens, the acorn learns its no longer growing, but should it just rot away? Isn't this unknown direction the path to certain death? 

The mysterious eye of a hurricane is the silent and unknowable inherent power source of the raging storm. The known is the violent storm and the unknown is the peaceful silence. To escape from a storm is one thing. To find the central still point of the storm and rest there in peace amidst the torent winds, is quite another indeed. In this sense, is the acorn giving up on life and yielding to the impending doom? Or is it thriving in the midst of decay? 

Even natural and spontaneous action is purposeful, defininte and requires certain circumstances and situations for its fulfillment. Yet, if some action is natural and spontaneous, how can any person aid that unfoldment, anymore than can an acorn help itself into being a tree? When we find ourselves trying to sprout, should we reverse direction and stop doing in the name of not forcing what is natural? Should the acorn stop what is coming natural to it, and is that even possible? How can anyone or anything yield to the activity that Is, while not forcing and also not rejecting? What to do? How does one walk the razor's edge without being sliced in two? 

What is to do, is to undo what doesn't need to be done. The inner seed is the heart of the acorn. The outer shell rots away for the sake of the seed. It doesn't look pretty but the shell has to go. It served it purpose and now its purpose is to let go of that purpose. 
There is a purpose to life and it is to live from within. Live like the inner seed who is in the process of taking root while the hard outer shell softens and becomes vulnerable to the nutrients of its new home, the rich soil. During a BodyTalk session, we go according to our nutrient rich soil called 'priority'. The inner dictates from the unknown, takes the reigns and we bounce to the beat of a different drummer. This does not have to be limited to a few minutes of practice every day. Be the seed. The outer storm is an expression of the inner eye of silence, and the mighty Oak is an expression of the seed. 

A consciousness-based session is based in one's own consciousness. It is from whereever we are right now that priority can take root and all we have to do is acknowledge that we are rotten on the outside and that is part of the ultimate goal. Let yourself go and be what you already are. If you are living like who you are not, it is like doing sessions according to your own agenda forgoing priority. Does that make any sense? Wouldn't it sting a little to do a session according only to what you already know? Then why live that way? Step into the unknown. Its the only thing that you've always truly known and could never not know, but its only known as the unknown when you knowingly step into it by unknowing what you think you know. This is the knowing that needs to be known - to unknow that you know. 

This is not to forget, dismiss, repress or be dull. It is not an excape from the storm, it is to unknown in the midst of the present knowledge. Everything has its place. 

The applied consciousness of finding health via BodyTalk and the Life Sciences is more than a practice. It is a lifestyle. Live the unknowable.

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