Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Government Recognition for BodyTalk….More Details!

Since 1995, The BodyTalk System consisted of two workshops both teaching new approaches in techniques as another modality. Since then it has continued to grow into a full profession within the scope of complementary medicine. There is enough information and materials to fill a complete degree course in Complementary Energy Medicine.

Consistent with this progress has been a push for official recognition with governments, colleges, and healthcare insurance companies. This has been happening over the past five years, as it is a long arduous pathway to weave your way through governmental and educational inertia, skeptics, and the health providers who feel threatened by a very modern and scientific approach to complementary healthcare.

This challenge has been going on in three main fronts:
Europe - particularly Germany – Led by Claudia Schembri-Heitmann
Canada – Led by Andrea Carter and Amanda Rollefstad
 Australia – Led by Melissa Smith and Sue Broughton

Europe is still going strong and heading in the right direction. The discussions with the representatives are underway and we are working on the structure and details of the course content.

Canada has been going well and we plan to release some more information on this shortly.

Australia has been pretty slack as far as student numbers and membership. This is mainly due to a shortage of instructors and it is very expensive for instructors from other countries to teach there profitably. This is about to change – big time!

Our Australian branch keeps working diligently towards government recognition of BodyTalk as a professional career. Recently some of you saw an announcement in the newsletter and on my blog:

The BodyTalk System has now gained official accreditation with the Australian government for a Certificate IV training qualification. This means that potential students may qualify for government assistance to study. It will also provide the opportunity to lobby Health Funds to provide reimbursement for BodyTalk sessions.

Thanks to Melissa Smith and Sue Broughton for all their hard work on this project. This was extra special for me – being Australian. And – they received the news of final acceptance while I was here in Australia.

The project is starting out as a certificate IV course and includes all the basic sciences and practice administration skills the government requires to be recognized as a Health care professional. It is also a Federal recognition and covers all states in Australia.

Originally, the course will be focusing on weekend training to suit existing health care professionals. Later it will be done as a fulltime course. The first course starts in February 2013!
Once the Certificate IV course is well under way, the next step will be to teach the rest of the BodyTalk System in a degree format.

There will be a lot more details appearing on our web site and newsletter in the near future.

This progression is very beneficial for all BodyTalk practitioners because it sets a precedent from a country that is internationally recognized as having one of the best health care systems in the world with very high standards.


  1. This is great to hear! I've been a BodyTalk patient for the last few years, and am considering becoming a practitioner! Are there any updates on where it stands with the Canadian Government? I was planning on looking into potential government assistance to study, and if you have any updates or info, would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!

  2. Currently the BodyTalk program at the Mount Royal University in Calgary is on hold. We will update with any news as that changes.

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